Centralia Girls’ Softball Association 2018 Rules—T-Ball Division

The official ball shall be a safety ball, eleven (11) inches in diameter.

The distance between bases shall be sixty (60) feet.

Each team must field a properly equipped catcher.

A minimum of three (3) innings will be played. No new inning shall start after ninety (90) minutes from the start of any game.

The batting order shall consist of all team members present.

Teams will field all members of the team that are present unless teams agree otherwise (i.e. injury).

No bunting is allowed.

Each player will get a maximum of 5 attempts to hit the ball off a tee into the field of play or she is out.

Runners may not leave the base until the ball has been hit.

When a player is put out on the bases or put out from a fly ball or a tag, the player must return to the dugout and be out. Though outs don’t count because the whole line-up bats, players need to learn what outs are.

A player can run a maximum of two (2) bases while the ball is still in play.

There will be a base race between the two teams at the end of each game.