Centralia Girls’ Softball Association 2018 Rules—8 & Under Division

The official ball shall be eleven (11) inches in diameter.

The home team shall supply the umpire.

The distance from the pitching rubber to home plate shall be thirty-five (35) feet.

The distance between bases shall be sixty (60) feet.

The batting order will consist of all team members present. If a player is injured, she can be removed from the batting line-up and will not be counted as an out.

Coach shall pitch to his or her own players while at bat. Coach will pitch a maximum of 5 pitches to each player. The batter must hit the ball into play, or she is out.

Any runner can be called out due to force or tag and will be expected to leave the bases. However, outs per inning are not tallied and each team will bat through their entire roster each inning.

Teams will field a maximum of ten (10) players and must field a minimum of eight (8) players in order to play. Less than eight (8) players will constitute a forfeit of the game.

A maximum number of six (6) runs can be scored per inning.

No bunting allowed.

Games shall be no more than five (5) innings. No new inning shall start after ninety (90) minutes from the start of any game. Games may end in a tie.

Every attempt will be made to play each team member an equal amount of time, although an exception may be made for health or disciplinary reasons. The opposing coach is to be notified as to a reason for non-playing of the player, prior to the start of the game or as the situation arises.

No stealing allowed.

The dropped third strike rule shall not be in play.

The home team shall supply the umpire with a protective face mask.

There will be a base race between the two teams at the end of each game.

All other ASA rules shall apply.