Centralia Girls’ Softball Association 2018 Rules—14 - 18 Division

The official ball shall be twelve (12) inches in diameter.

The distance from the pitching rubber to home plate shall be forty (40) feet.

The distance between bases shall be sixty (60) feet.

The batting order shall consist of all team members present.

Games will be no more than seven (7) innings. No new inning will be started after 90 minutes from the start of any game. In the event of a tie, it shall be declared a tie and count toward league standings. In case of a started game being cancelled by the umpire due to weather or darkness, four (4) completed innings shall constitute a played game and count in league standings.

Early games are to start promptly at 5:30 pm; late home games promptly at 7:15 pm. The starting and ending times of the late game may be dependent upon the length of the early game. These variations in time must be discussed with the umpire, by the managers involved, prior to starting the game.

Each team member must play a minimum of two (2) innings per game. An exception may be made for health or disciplinary reasons. The opposing coach is to be notified as to a reason for non-playing of the player, prior to the start of the game or as the situation arises.

A maximum number of six (6) runs can be scored per inning.

Teams will field a maximum of nine (9) players and must field a minimum of eight (8) players in order to play. Less than eight (8) players will constitute a forfeit of the game.

Player vacancies in the line-up will be counted as “outs” when it should be their turn at bat. If a player is injured, she can be removed from the batting line-up and shall not be counted as an out.

A batter may advance on a dropped third strike with the chance of being thrown out.

All other ASA rules shall apply.